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    15 Best Thailand 7-Eleven Food Meals & Snacks

    Best Thailand 7-Eleven Food Meals

    If you are planning on to go for a visit to Thailand, but if you are worried about food, especially snacks then read this blog as I have personally lived in Thailand for more than 3 years. And during my stay in Thailand, I’ve found 7-Eleven to be a very famous convenient store for snacks, meals, food, coffee and pretty much everything. It’s like, when you come to Thailand, you can be overwhelmed by the amount and the variety of food you get there.

    In this case, the best way to quickly charge up your body is by getting quick snacks from 7-Eleven and honestly, they are pretty good. And, yes traveling in Thailand, you can become very hungry pretty quickly, with the weather which very hot and the amount of walking you need to do while going from one metro stations to another.

    So, here we go, here are 20 best Thailand 7-Eleven Food Meals

    1. Corn chip snacks

    The Corn chip snacks are one of the most famous snacks in Thailand. They are pretty famous actually and you will find that when you meet many Thai friends, they will prefer to buy this snack. And yes, I totally recommend you to try this as this Corn chip snack has a very unusual taste and crispiness.

    It’s very tasty and also the content inside the chips is very large. The Corn Chips snacks will cost you anywhere between 20 Baht to 30 Baht depending upon the size you want.

    But, yeah for a typical late night Netflix after a long harsh traveling journey around the city, these chips can easily last you for a night for sure. Get 2 packs of these which is, I think enough and you are good to go, with a beer and some tasty Thai Fried Rice or Noodles.

    2. Shredded Pork Sandwich

    Omg, this is one of the best hunger appetizer for mornings or breakfast and it comes in various varieties. You also get a Cheese Sandwich but the Pork also tastes really good. Essentially, in Thailand, you can get some sort of Pork powder that tastes really nice and it is that powder which is filled in into these sandwiches.

    It has a really unique taste that’s so typical for Thailand and you should definitely give it a try. Great for mornings, when you have just started out your journey and you can quickly fill up your stomach with this sandwich.

    Else, you can also eat it in evening. I personally, eat this a lot because sometimes, it just becomes a habit and when you are in Thailand, you know, its cheap and a really nice quick snack. With my knowledge, as I haven’t been to Thailand for several years now, I think it’s going to cost you around 25 Baht.


    These are prawn crackers that are very crispy and has a very nice taste. It’s salty with tinge of prawn flavor. I’d say, you should try these when you are in Thailand as these can be addictive sometimes.

    It’s also a very famous snack all over the world, originated from Thailand but a great snack for just Netflix chilling or just hanging out with friends with beers and alcohol. I think this is one of crispiest chips among all the chips.

    4. Filled Sweet Buns

    Image from:

    Honestly, Filled Sweet buns have a very Alien like taste for most of us, yet I do think Thai people love it. But yes they come in two varieties, one is the Durian Flavor while the other one is Black Beans. I personally prefer the Black beans one as it is much tastier. The Durian flavor might not taste well for many of you guys.

    However, this is a pretty good snack if you love black beans. Otherwise, you can give it a try if you want just for a taste.

    5. Spicy Minced Pork & Chicken Sticky Rice Burger

    Ok this can become really addictive as it is really good. It essentially, Sticky rice filled with Chicken or Pork patty in Thai flavor but it tastes really good. It will cost you around 27 Baht and I am not gonna lie, this is one of the best meals you can have in 7-Eleven. If you run out of options, and sometimes, it may happen, just get this one and you’ll be good to go.

    The serving size is actually really small so if you are a foodie with a huge diet, I highly recommend that you get 2 of these with a coke or a cold drink, your quick brunch will be complete.

    6. Spicy Chicken Basil with Rice

    I think I’ve eaten this more than 100 to 200 times because yes this makes a great meal and it is very tasty. Just the fact that it won’t fill up your stomach because the serving size is really less. Usually, 7-Eleven meals, the food quantity is very small and that’s a minus point. But regardless of that, the Spicy Chicken Basil with Rice meal is a great choice for evening meals or snacks.

    I see many people actually get two of these coupled with some burgers and I do that too sometimes. The taste of the chicken with basil is very delicious and you just have to try it because you will love it.

    7. Onigiri and Sushi

    Sometimes, you do wanna go for Japanese food and fortunately, you have the option of being able to get Japanese food on 7-Eleven. The Onigiri and Sushi is a great sushi roll and two of these can actually fill up your stomach. They are pretty tasty and they will cost you around 27 Baht. I have tried these a couple of times and they always make my day happy in terms of food.

    8. Spicy Chicken Burger and Double Cheese Burger

    These are chicken and pork burgers with spicy sauce fillings which taste really good. Especially, the double cheese burger is very tasty. They will cost you around 26 Baht and 40 Baht for the Double cheese burger. These burgers have a very unique taste and you never forget the taste as it is so different.

    There are actually lots of flavors and you’ll also find a seafood flavor but that one doesn’t compliment really well as a burger. However, the chicken and the pork ones are great.

    9. MAMA Instant Noodles

    Unhealthy, sort of but great for quick hunger replenishing. There’s no doubt, any instant noodles is a junk food but yeah you gotta try the MAMA instant noodles as they are really tasty. They come in various flavors and I often pick them up, during the mornings or evenings. I recommend not taking them during the night time as your stomach can burn as some of them are really spicy. Especially, the Tom Yum flavor. Besides that, these are great to be honest and you’ll find people buying them and eating these noodles all over Thailand.

    10. Pastries and Baked food

    Image from : Trip Canvas

    You won’t find pastries everywhere in Thailand, but in some of Metropolitan areas of Bangkok and other cities, 7-Eleven also come with a pastry and baked goods section. These areas are filled tourists and yes they serve some of the best pastries in Thailand. Honestly, 90% of the time, they are fresh and very tasty. Great for early morning breakfast meals and evening or night time snacks.

    You’ll find lots of varieties of bakery food products like Croissants and many others. If you’re a fan of these then you won’t be disappointed.

    11. Fully cooked corn

    Honestly, one of the best healthy snacks on 7-Eleven. These corns come to full to half sizes and can be given to the wonderful 7-Eleven staff for heating them up. These are really tasty and a really healthy option for snack, breakfast or just a dessert after some heavy spicy Thai food meals.

    12. Dumplings, pork buns, and meat skewers.

    You’ll find lots of ready made dumplings, pork buns, meat skewers and also sausages when you just enter 7-Eleven near the cash counter. You can pick them up and the staff will heat it up for you. These are pretty tasty, especially the meat skewers and sausages. Definitely, give it a shot, however, I recommend you to grab one of each as these foods are very heavy and fills your stomach very quickly.

    13. Bento Cuttle Fish Snacks

    These are seafood snacks, particularly, in cuttlefish flavor and are pretty tasty snacks. Goes well with beer when you are hanging out with your friends.

    The best thing about these snacks are that, these are very light but also very appetizing. They come in different flavors while some can be really spicy. So, watch out for that.

    14. Garlic Butter Bread

    Something light yet extremely tasty, the garlic butter bread is for those light eaters who prefer deliciously light food. The Garlic butter bread is essentially, bread filled with butter and having sprinkles of garlic giving it that rich garlic taste along with the softness of butter. It becomes even more tasty, when eaten toasted so, don’t forget to give it to the 7-Eleven staff for toasting before eating it.

    15. Steamed Buns

    Filled with a lot of flavor full stuffings of meat, egg pork and much much more. It’s great choice for breakfast or even for evenings as it only cost 9 Baht but well worth it. You can also get the crab flavor and I’d say, this is one of the tastiest buns out there. Typical Thai style and doesn’t harm your pockets too.

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