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    Thailand Travel Weather Guide For Tourists

    Located in the heart of mainland Southeast Asia, The Kingdom of Thailand is a widely popular holiday destination. Boasting a delectable spicy cuisine, welcoming and friendly people, pristine beaches, spectacular temples and stunning night life, the country offers a complete holiday package for tourists from around the world.  Its diverse landscape ranging from mountains in the north to islands in the south ensures a variation in climate among the regions. But the country generally features a tropical climate with three major seasons, hot/dry, monsoon, and cool/dry, due to its location just about 15 degrees above the equator.

    For tourists looking for information on the weather conditions in Thailand, we bring you a complete travel guide of different regions. So, let’s have a look at the weather conditions in different regions of Thailand.

    Northern Thailand

    • Best Places to Visit: Chiang Mai, Pai Lampang
    • Best Time to Visit: November to February (Avg. daily temp.: 17°C -26°C)

    The North of Thailand includes destinations like Chiang Mai, Mueang Chiang Rai, Pai, and Lampang. As this region is located at a higher elevation and latitude, its weather experiences a wider seasonal temperature variation in comparison to the rest of the country.

    The dry and warm season lasts from December to February and it is the best time to visit this region. But don’t forget to pack some light sweaters as it may get chilly in the evenings.

    The temperatures start to rise from mid-January, peaking between March and May.  The hot season lasts well into the rainy season during which the rain comes with a cloud cover causing a rise in humidity. Travel is not recommended during these months as it may get uncomfortable.

    The wet season starts from May until October. However, it is not a bad time to visit this region as the rain only falls for an hour or two on average which is not much of a hindrance for tourists.  

    By November, the weather gets much better, due to a significant decrease in the rainfall and hot, humid sticky weather. The dry weather lasts for six months. The weather is relatively cool in the northern region at higher altitudes from October to January with an average daily temperature of 17°C -26°C.

    Central Thailand

    • Best Places to Visit: Bangkok, Kanchanaburi, Ayutthaya
    • Best Time to Visit: November to February

    Central Thailand is also a year-round destination like Northern Thailand. However, the most ideal time to visit this region is from November to February during the warm and dry season.

    The warm months are followed by a hot season which lasts from March to May. The wet seasons follows from May to early November.

    This region has a lot to offer its visitors during all the seasons. If you’re visiting Bangkok during the hot season, you can beat the heat at its amazing water parks like the Siam Amazing Park. The region also boasts of National Parks like Kanchanaburi’s Erawan National Park where you can experience the glory of nature through its lagoons and waterfalls.

    Southwestern Thailand

    • Best Places to Visit: Andaman Sea, Phuket, Krabi, Khao Lak, Phi Phi Islands
    • Best Time to Visit: December to April (Avg. daily temp.: 26°C -32°C)

    South Western Thailand is the ultimate destination for beach lovers with its pristine beaches. The best time for a beach holiday in Thailand is from December to April during the warm and dry season. The warm season makes it a summer paradise during which the tourists can relax on the beaches and tour around spectacular islands like Phi Phi Islands, Khai Islands, and James Bond Island.

    Southwestern Thailand has three defined seasons. The warm and dry season lasts from November to March when the weather is the most ideal due to cool winds during the day. Humidity levels are also low with an average daily temp of 26°C -32°C.

    The temperatures start rising from March to May as the humidity increases and the cool winds depart. The monsoon follows starting from the end of May to October. Rainfall levels peak between mid-September and mid-October. However, like the northern region, the rain falls only for one to two hours during the day and should not cause much trouble to the travelers. Also, if you’re on a budget, we recommend visiting the Andaman Sea area during this season as accommodations are relatively cheaper.    

    Southeastern Thailand

    • Best Places to Visit: Gulf Coast, Ko Samui, Phangan, Kho Tao
    • Best Time to Visit: January to August (Avg. daily temp.: 24°C -32°C)

    The region of Southeastern Thailand usually remains warm and humid throughout the year. This region can be visited throughout the year except from September to December during its wet season.  

    The region also has three defined seasons. The dry season lasts from December to February, during which good weather can be expected with little rain and refreshing winds which keep the temperatures moderate. This season is also ideal for water sport activities due to winds which make the sea dynamic.

    The temperatures start rising from March reaching peak levels in April and May. A little rain may be expected during the month of June, but the monsoon actually starts in late August/Early September bringing with it an increase in humidity. But the accommodations can be cheaper during this time and the rain showers are not extreme, making it a great time for travelers on a budget.

    We hope that you have a great stay and are able to truly experience the beautiful Thailand with the information that we have provided. So let’s get started and indulge in the true colors and flavors of the Land of Smiles!

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